A Day at Cambridge International School
Each day is full of enthusiasm and excitement at Cambridge International School! The morning assembly is meant to help the children with latest information and announcements. It should also constitute ‘teacher’s talk’, birthday wishes and congratulations for any accomplishment achieved either by the student or by the school. Each House presents the assembly on rotational basis giving all students a chance to showcase their talents. Assembly is followed by classes and a snack break in between. During the course of the day, quite often something new and stimulating is planned, be it a talk by guest speakers, a competition or even a short excursion.

Extra-curricular/Personality Development Activities
To enhance the overall growth of children, co-curricular activities are an intrinsic part of the Cambridge International School Futuristic Schools’ Curriculum. Such activities are voluntary and not mandatory, which ensures that children take keen interest in pursuing them.

We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities for the all-round development of the children. These co-curricular activities imbibe in them the qualities like team spirit, tolerance, flexibility and appreciating others on their achievements, which in turn enriches and builds their character. The plethora of activities opens new vistas and broadens the horizon for our children in their future life.

House System
The House System in Cambridge International School plays a prominent role in promoting the Extra-Curricular and Co-curricular activities of the school. Various curricular and co-curricular activities are held amongst different houses to enhance self-confidence, team spirit & group pride among students, in addition to developing a sense of belonging and commitment towards their house and consequently towards their alma mater.

Club- based Activities
To nurture special talent in students, they are encouraged to join clubs (any of a large number of special activity clubs) like – Swimming, Yoga, Karate, Athletics, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Foreign Languages, Cookery, Art & Craft, Modern Dance, Vocal Music, Performing Arts, Explorations, Literacy Mission, Environment, Interact Club, etc.

Annual Day & Carnivals
Cultural Programmes, Fetes, Science Fairs and Fun-filled Games are organized regularly. They are creatively designed, encouraging 100% participation of children and parents. These events aren’t just a celebration, but also develop planning, organization and team effort abilities in the students. The gracious presence of distinguished personalities always inspires our students to target even greater heights of achievement.

Educational and Recreational Outings
On the regular basis, we organize picnics, outings, study trips and educational tours for our students. Such informal events and outings introduce the multi-dimensional life outside the school. Picnics and excursions to places of historical interest and trips to hill stations provide a first-hand exposure that supplement what is taught in the classroom. Taking full advantage of the natural beauty of the area, trekking and camping expeditions are organized every year.

Inspiration from Eminent Personalities
Children at Cambridge International School get to meet inspiring personalities like famous sports & media personalities, professionals, political leaders and other luminaries. They are invited to the school to talk, interact and encourage our students.

Values Inculcation
At Cambridge International School, scholastic excellence goes hand in hand with character building. A strong emphasis on values and knowledge of our rich and varied culture blended with an entirely global approach to education ensures a holistic development of young minds. Further, the school celebrates most festivals in the traditional way which develops an appreciation for diverse cultures and inculcates sound moral values from all cultures and religions. In addition, students are encouraged to take initiative, be original, honest, to believe in themselves and to work independently and honestly.

Fostering Leadership, Responsibility and Discipline
Bringing out the leader in every child is a constant effort at Cambridge International School. Through examples and encouragement, the qualities of leadership, responsibility and discipline are nurtured amongst the children. Discipline is all about self-management which is inculcated by embedding sound traditional values and social sense. In addition to self-discipline, the sense of discipline in life is reinforced by encouraging children to take on various responsibilities and leadership roles throughout the school.